Enjoy your Holiday in Our Fully Equipped Lofts

Inside the farm you will find a spacious old stone house which is furnished and equipped in such a way as to reflect the particular style of Cretan architecture and tradition. This house is available for multiple uses (coffee place, tavern, sitting-room, recreation area). In the old, stone house, the spacious room on the ground floor functions as a living room and restaurant area where guests are served with delicious Cretan meals.

Reception - Sitting Area

At the reception area, guests have the opportunity to view traditional and decorative items that were selected from different periods and present a very warm and calm environment in line with the Cretan culture and hospitality.

Cafe Area

In the old cafe area of Viglatoras you can enjoy Greek coffee that has been cooked in the fireplace, tea from aromatic herbs, home-made sweets, etc.

Lounge Area

Our large lounge/sitting area is on the upper floor. There, our guests can also have their coffee or drink next to the fireplace or the piano corner. This area is fully decorated with traditional artefacts, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere for our guests.

Exterior Facilities

Outdoor areas include large courtyards and terraces. Cobbled stone paths lead you to a large olive grove, to areas with various fruit trees, flowers and vegetable gardens. You can enjoy a coffee in our gardens while being surrounded by beautiful nature. You may also find a small parking and a sheltered area with logs of wood for your apartment’s fireplace.